Investment plans

The Company offers investors a profitable partnership. Partners of our program receive a stable income. Each will be rewarded for their contribution to the development of the company and know-how technology of Japan.

The investment portfolio in our company means investing into one of the proposed plans.

Option 1
Pay us25% of your weekly profit

Start with $1699

7 days

Deposit back +$4750.55 - $11,901

Option 2
Pay us25% of your weekly profit

Start with $3899

7 days

Deposit back + $12,902.01 - $29,000

Option 3
Pay us25% of your weekly profit

Start with $5999

7 days

Deposit back + $29,152.01 - $41,000

Option 4
Pay us25% of your profit every cycle of 9 days

Start with $7999

9 days

Deposit back + $41,080.22 - $68,000

Please note that we charge a 9.8% deposit fee for every deposit you make,please ensure that you add your deposit fee when making your deposit, inorder to avoid any delay in your trading as trading/earning will not commence. Do not make the deposit it bits,if you do then we will refund it with your next withdrawal so that you can re-deposit.

You can use the proposed plan "Option 1" and "Option 2", where the investor will receive the stated interest dividends every 7 days, with the possibility of withdrawal on the expiration of 7 days.

Also, if you want to get more profit from investing in our company, you should pay attention to the Option 3" and above according to which the investor will receive more than enough amount Invested at the end of the declared period of the deposit,but with Option 4 and above,your dividends will be due in every cycle of 9 days.

The company provides an affiliate program to attract new investors. You get 3.5% of deposits your invited partners, as well as 1% of the second level and 0.5% of the total deposits in the third level of investors.

We do not keep funds for businesses or individuals,so please avoid account dormancy by ensuring that you start trading after making a deposit and inputing your transaction details or your account will become domant after 45 days of making a deposit and you will have to re-activate account with $690 before you can have access to your funds again.

For ease of use, all the necessary payment systems are connected to our service.